Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Spring Kayaking Extravaganza – Day 1

So while some people within the inter-mountain Rocky Mountains are eagerly awaiting the spring melt and checking Snotel sites daily to build stoke, in the PacNW spring is well underway. The La Nina weather pattern has delivered a cool but wet spring so far filling the local runs and allowing us to dust off our gear and boof stroke…A few elightened souls from the high desert state of Colorado have finally figured this out and came to the backyard for a tour of the goods. This is one of my favorites, the Middle Fork Nooksack Canyon and is 30 minutes from the front door to the take-out. So good…

The entrance is a little committing but oh so worth it

Surfs up in Hawaii 5-0. Mr. Dad sorting out the line

Mr. TRL putting down the surf board and getting his boof on

Ummmn beautiful ain’t it?

Booofing is fun...

A-woody charging through the stout exit of S-turn

All smiles at the exit to the box canyon. Man that guy is husky…

Here’s to a great 2011 season! Keep it safe out there people and SYOTR.

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