Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kayaks + Hill + Snow + Kickrer = CARNAGE!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Monarch Boatercross!

No need to hike up the course, all competitors get sled rides up to the top!

Things started out nice and mellow in the prelims....

The bottom run out of the course was supposed to be a POND SKIM. Unfortunately, one of the crew members punctured a hole in the ponds plastic lining while chipping ice in the morning. As the water drained out, a finish line kicker began to form....

The raft was a crowd favorite, and seemed like the safest way to run the course.....

As prelims led to semi-finals, competitors were going faster....

getting more competitive......

and going way bigger at the finish line kicker.

Many of the landings resulted in pile-ups of paddlers who weren't sure whether they were intact or not.

Since people were going way to big at the end, a small section of carpet was placed at the finish line to slow them didn't do much.

A great day was had by all. Thanks to Monarch for an entertaining event!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

New Mexico has been hit by a late Spring cold spell. Lots of new snow in the mountains. All the creeks started dropping, so everybody dusted off their playboats and hit the local feature called "Sleeping Beauty". It is awesome when the flows are 550cfs to 900cfs. This was at about 650cfs. Photos by Atom....

Alan Cammack was tearing it up all day






Allan had his baby out on the river bank for the first time. Cool to see the new generation getting an early intro to the kayaking lifestyle.

Marsha Ready getting ready for el loop

Tim Kelton

Ed Lucero getting his first ever loops

Ed h2o-ing

Brett hale getting a work out in the Mega Rocker


Sudden Great White Shark attack



On a side note, up north in Colorado, CKS is getting ready for there annual Paddle Fest May 18th-20th.
Colorado Kayak Supply is bringing together the largest and most well renowned manufacturers, top pro kayakers and leading instructors for a weekend of on water boating, education, entertainment, environmental education and instruction. Join a pro kayaker for a freestyle clinic, take a guided tour on the river, participate in a 'how to' clinic, show off your skills in a fun kayak competition in the new river park or relax and watch live music and videos.
Paddlefest 07, the Kick Off to Paddling is sure to be a hit as this year's event will take place on the legendary Arkansas River. Colorado Kayak Supply in Buena Vista will be the 'Event Headquarters' for most of the activities. CKS will also host a gear swap and storewide sale throughout the weekend. Gear up for Paddlefest '07!
For more info
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  • Hope to see ya all there. Adios, Atom...

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Meet the CKS Squad Part 3: Nicole Mansfield

    This is Part 3 of a Series of posts that introduces the members of the 2007 CKS Squad. Included in each section is the squad member's Bio and a brief photographic Trip Report of their Top 3 days on the river during the 2006 season.

    Today we are meeting Nicole and getting a glimpse into her top 3 days of the 2006 season: Crested Butte, Colorado (OBJ), The Big South, CO and Playboating in the Arkansas Valley.

    Nicole was exposed to these great runs when she moved to CO from Buffalo, NY for the 2006 river season to work at CKS and huck some gnar. Speaking of Hucking the Gnar, check out her cool Huck and Boof stickers here:

    Nicoles words:

    Arkansas Valley Play-Photo courtesy of the HZG Inc. foundation.
    "I can’t nail down the particular day this photo was taken, but it represents an entire summer of fun on the Arkansas River. You really can’t beat a river that in a small road accessible area hosts numerous sections for all paddling abilities whose characteristics change as the season progresses AND has several amazing play spots in both Salida and Buena Vista. I moved to Salida thinking playboating was dumb, but ended it with a Jackson Happy Thruster and memories of too many play sessions to bother counting."

    After work playboating in Salida, CO

    Oh’ Be Joyful- Photo by Chris Larsen
    "I had not even started working yet at CKS, but my boss had called, and there I was traveling with some people I just met to an amazing day of creeking on the Slate, Daisy, and Oh’ Be Joyful Rivers. Nothing beats being surrounded by snow covered peaks on a sunny day, eating leftover pizza and running short runs packed with waterfalls, slides, and a limited number of beatdown holes. I discovered that when local boaters say you are running something on ‘the high side of good,’ you are in for a thrill."

    Nicole on a high water OBJ run....her first creek in CO!

    Big South – Photo by Mike Holliday
    "Maybe you think being sandwiched between two guys in a two person tent is what any girl would dream of. But when neither are slight of size and the other who forgot his sleeping bag is not kept warm enough by the ‘Hello Kitty’ fleece provided so the sleeping bag is unzipped to share, the night is sure to keep you chilly and uncomfortably wedged. With or without a sufficient night of sleep, morning came, the Big South was running, and Chris Menges made us river sandwiches individually wrapped in plastic to stay dry! There is no wonder why the Big South is considered a Colorado classic. The river’s continuous whitewater is characterized by bigger scout worthy drops filled in with exciting boogie water. It’s a long day, so dress warmly, bring food, and when you find an easy boof near the end of the river, remember it might be easy, but you still need to think about boofing rather than what you would love to eat at the take out or else your boat might acquire another war wound."

    Nicole 'chillin' on the Big South

    Nicole in New Zealand....Winter 06 / 07. Photo by Larry.

    Check out Nicole's full Bio by clicking this link:

    Nicole at home in New York....she runs the s#*t back East too!