Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving update - San Louis Potosi, Mexico

(Boyd dropping in on the Rio Verde. Courtesy of Adam Goshorn)

Getting just as thirsty as everyone else with the drought I found out that some of my paddling friends were heading down to Mexico for Thanksgiving in search of the beautiful, travertine waterfalls that San Louis Potosi is known for. Absolutely itching for whatever action I could find, I took off for Tampico with my good friend Drew Armstrong (for those that know him) and rented a car to drive down to meet up with our Alabama friends at Micos. The first stop was the warm, travertine waterfalls of Micos and Saltos for a quick warm up... just good clean fun.

(Adam Goshorn putting in on Micos. photo by Boyd)

(photo of Boyd by Drew Armstrong)

(photo of Drew A. on La Luminosa falls by Boyd)

(Drew and Joey hanging out on the travertine workin' the cameras. Photo by Adam Goshorn)

After our fun warm-up day in Mexico, it was time to branch out and do a bit of exploration. We found some pretty unique waterfalls to run and some truly beautiful kayaking! One Cascade in particular stood out. It's a cascade called Puente De Dios which translates as "Bridge of God." It's a beautiful maze of caves and potholes linked together in and around the riverbed.

(photo of Boyd boofing into Puente de Dios by Drew Armstrong)

The water flows from the falls, through and around the caves, and into a deep pool before going underground. It then flows through a large, caved out room before exiting on its way to Tamasopo. The locals had a rope strung through so you could swim from one side of the cave to the other. We also found out that it is a big attraction for scuba divers. With the sound of screeching bats and whistling locals, we each ran the cascade one at a time trying to avoid any underwater spelunking on our way down the falls. It was a beautiful cascade and unique experience to say the least.

(a perfect place for a hammock)

(local parade... photo by Adam Goshorn)

(the "good" road... photo by Boyd Ruppelt)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Boyd :-)
PS- special thanks to Drew, Kimberly, Joey, and Adam for the pics...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Upper and Lower Box, November eye candy

It seems that winter has forgotten all about us here in the Southwest. So while the snow seems to be stuck over the Pacific Northwest, we at least have been able to get some Summer time boating done in November. 60-70 degree days in the middle of November? Lets go boating. Thought I would share some eye candy from the last couple weeks. Enjoy. Atom..

Ed Hellhole

Atom Hellhole

Atom Long rapid




Steve Long rapid

Steve Pleasure Plunge


Alex buried below Pleasure

Leo Pleasure Plunge

The great calm

Lost Stark Moon boat. Someone left it on shore? Anyone know whose it is?

Ed Big Aresnic

Scouting big A

NM driving scenery

My beautiful lady and our dogs at the Lower box putin

Bighorn on the box

Powerline lunch break


Michael lunch

Michael Powerline

Coming in hot

Leo slotting it

Leo Old school

C-1 Paul on the Pleasure Plunge

Seems like the Upper always gets at least one.

Thanks to all you guys that came out these last couple of warm weeks. It has been a blast. Atom...
Even though the weather has been warm, the water is still in the shrinkage zone. Dress as if it "is winter".

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3rd Annual Burnt Ranch Gorge Race (UPDATE -VIDEO)


Video of the 3rd Annual Burnt Ranch Race is now online: Click Here Thanks to Ben Wartburg for putting together the clip.

Rush Sturges and Chris Zawacki racing through #2 towards the finish line.

Always fans of Grassroots paddling events. CKS was proud to sponsor the 3rd Annual Burnt Ranch Race.

For pictures and a writeup on the event: Click Here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Colorado in the fall does not suck part 2 - CKS staff goes Touring!

Autumn in Colorado is a great time to take advantage of some of our non whitewater resources. Case in point, CKS is located in close proximity to several alpine lakes. In early autumn, the CKS staff was lucky enough to take a 'field trip' to nearby Twin Lakes to spend the day learning about and paddling touring kayaks. Steve Sell of Boulder's Wildwasser Sport met us there to further educate our staff on touring and provide the kayaks.

It was a spectacular autumn day - clear skies, warm temps, snow on the peaks and swatches of golden Aspens in the hills.

CKS's finest getting excited to go "sea kayaking"

Wildwasser's Steve Sell explaining 'trihedral' hull design (above) and demonstrating how to use kayak carts (below).

CKS ladies man Joe Carroll excited to get on the water after the clinic - just look at that smile!

Aubrie White, getting ready to hit the water.

Joe Carrol demonstrating his smooth stroke.

CKS owner Earl, excited that he is paying all the staff to play.

The crew getting used to it...

Chris Menges (above)
The view from the cockpit.

Nicole Mansfield (above and below) ...having so much fun she decided to quit whitewater and just paddle touring boats on flatwater.

Getting artsy with the camera (above).

Kayla Maddox (above) and Robin Simms (below) enjoying the afternoon chop.

Joe Carroll trying not to swim.

These are sweet shots (above & below).....right?

Dave Kloberdanz at the finishing end of a self rescue with a paddle float. Look for the full sequence and step by step instructions coming soon.

The CKS ladies

Photos: Chris Menges