Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Costa baby!

Costa Rica!
This place has it all in a small land area.  You can go from stunning ocean beaches to creeks as hard as you want within hours.  The wildlife is everywhere.  Coming from a Colorado winter where everything is frozen it was a pleasure to do some warm water boating.  Here are some photos from my recent trip.
 Sarah charging in the Chirripo Pacifico! Photo:Dan Piano
 Me exploring a new line in "Ron Jeremy". Apparently you dont have to go left. Photo:Sarah Hamilton

 Sarah leading me down the Pascua section of the Reventazon! Big water! Photo:Dan Piano
 The Rios Tropicales lodge on the Pacuare.  This place was amazing! It's everything you could want out of a lodge on an amazing river in the middle of the jungle!  I highly recommend the trip.
 Oropendulas in front of  Hotel Turrialtico outside of Turrialba! 
 Playa Cocles near Puerto Viejo. Photo: Dan Piano
 Boofing on the Pacifico. Photo: Sarah Hamilton
 Sarah stomping in her Fluid Solo. Photo: Dan Piano
 I dont think it goes. Photo: DP
 Mud slide on the way to Pascua.
Turrialba volcano puffing some smoke. Photo:DP

 This is the dam being built on the Pascua section Reventezon.  By 2015 the section we paddled will be under water.  Hydro projects are a serious threat to many rivers in Costa Rica.  The projects have a direct effect on the local economies and basically shut a thriving tourism industry down.  No river, no jobs...  
 Part of the dam.
 Costa Rica is a guaranteed paddling adventure.  I can't wait to go back.

Here is a little video shot with the Go Pro  HD.  This was my first trip with the camera and I must say that I am impressed.  The camera is super easy to use, compact, and produces quality video.