Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Costa baby!

Costa Rica!
This place has it all in a small land area.  You can go from stunning ocean beaches to creeks as hard as you want within hours.  The wildlife is everywhere.  Coming from a Colorado winter where everything is frozen it was a pleasure to do some warm water boating.  Here are some photos from my recent trip.
 Sarah charging in the Chirripo Pacifico! Photo:Dan Piano
 Me exploring a new line in "Ron Jeremy". Apparently you dont have to go left. Photo:Sarah Hamilton

 Sarah leading me down the Pascua section of the Reventazon! Big water! Photo:Dan Piano
 The Rios Tropicales lodge on the Pacuare.  This place was amazing! It's everything you could want out of a lodge on an amazing river in the middle of the jungle!  I highly recommend the trip.
 Oropendulas in front of  Hotel Turrialtico outside of Turrialba! 
 Playa Cocles near Puerto Viejo. Photo: Dan Piano
 Boofing on the Pacifico. Photo: Sarah Hamilton
 Sarah stomping in her Fluid Solo. Photo: Dan Piano
 I dont think it goes. Photo: DP
 Mud slide on the way to Pascua.
Turrialba volcano puffing some smoke. Photo:DP

 This is the dam being built on the Pascua section Reventezon.  By 2015 the section we paddled will be under water.  Hydro projects are a serious threat to many rivers in Costa Rica.  The projects have a direct effect on the local economies and basically shut a thriving tourism industry down.  No river, no jobs...  
 Part of the dam.
 Costa Rica is a guaranteed paddling adventure.  I can't wait to go back.

Here is a little video shot with the Go Pro  HD.  This was my first trip with the camera and I must say that I am impressed.  The camera is super easy to use, compact, and produces quality video.


Anonymous said...

The waterfall at La Paz has been run. Maybe not that low. Corey Boux ran it few years back and at least 1 tico has run it. David from Las Virgen.
Sweet shots! Reventazon is awesome a!

Dan Piano said...

The picture of the falls was not La Paz. It was outside of Turrialba...cant remember the name.

J. Hoffman said...

When I was there I heard it had been run at least once, with broken ankles as a result.

Costa Rica kayaking said...

How were you able to avoid those rocks? They look so close together!