Friday, July 24, 2009

Late Season Boof Madness

from dan piano, Routt County River Enforcement:
Late Season Boof Madness.

So it’s July and Steamboat boating is slowly coming to an end. The C-hole is full of tubers and fish creek is a trickle. Your only semi-convenient after work option is the Elk Box.

Me getting my 10th lap of the evening.
Photo :Adam Mayo

The Elk Box can be found outside Clark, Colorado, north of Steamboat. It’s something to do in July and it’s sweet boof practice. The box can be run down to 450ish and up to whatever you want with 700 being the optimal on the Milner gauge. A couple of weeks ago we cleaned her out.

Put in on the North Fork; creek the tight boulder gardens to the confluence with the Middle Fork.
The North fork boulder gardens.

At this point get as much speed as you can and head river center to launch Mega-Boof into the sky.

Dan, Brian Burger, and Mayo blue angeling Mega-boof.
Photo: Duckyman

Dan getting a Megabooooof! Photo: Ducknasty

Mayo raising the roof. Photo: Ducktator

I love this boof. Photo: Duckster

So now your stoked and up next is V-Drive.

Mayo getting deep in the V-Drive.

Me peeling out of the room on the right after V-Drive.
Photo: Eric Monroe

After V- drive paddle the read and run and regroup above box falls.

Adam Mayo Boofin. Photo: Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton charging in for a boof.

Dan dropping into the green room.

Ashley Watts first boof into the box!
Photo: Eric Monroe

If you hit it right you can boof into the seam and go to the green room.

I love the green room. Photo: Eric Monroe

Its so green.

Once you land, heads up, cuz this is where things usually go wrong. Pick your line wisely.

Brian Burger choosing his line wisely. Photo: Ducky

Wear your full-face.

The box taking names.

Now what?

Eddy out on the right after the box canyon and lap the falls.

As I am writing this, it’s too low but look for it to come back in the fall with rain if you’re in the area and jonesing.


Hamilton-Selway Fine Art said...

Very awe-inspiring!
Thanks a lot ... :-)

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