Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Big South-A-Paluza 2010

So here's the thing, I may have recently moved to the PacNW (aka. nirvana) where I might have 30+ kayaking options within 1.5hrs of my house on any given day that contain deep canyons, bedrock gorges, waterfalls, big water, steepness, great boofs, scary log sieves, and are all extremely close to a variety mocha latte java establishments but none of those can hold a candle to the Big South (aka. BS, Big Shizzle, the shit, Little North) when its flowing. A recent surprise b-day trip (thanks honey) back to the motherland recently reminded me of this fact and the fact the for the first year in 5+ years I'm probably not going to get my fix on my used to be backyard favorite. So this post is a photo tribute of sorts with some of my favorite pics from the past few years. Here's to a classic...a one of a kind run that is pulling on my heart strings right now.

Y'all take care of her this weekend, she's a beaut and remember boof hard, IT ALL GOES...

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