Monday, June 01, 2009

High Water Cross Mountain Gorge

From Dan Piano:

Since I moved to Steamboat I always wondered what Cross Mountain would be like at high water. This year I went to find out and the answer is awesome!

The Put-in. Photo Dan Piano

Mike Geary taking a look at the Oesterizer. Photo: Adam Mayo

After paddling in on a huge lake of water we came to the massive horizon line above the Oesterizer. We all portaged. There looks to a possible line down the center left but it’s a total crap shoot. Legend has it that Jared Johnson ran it in a play boat at 7gs.

Dan getting into the goods. Photo Adam Mayo

Dan and Mike firing up corkscrew. Photo Adam Mayo

Dead cow running the meat. Photo Adam Mayo

Photo: Adam Mayo

Check out some video.

paddling in