Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yule Creek, CO

So a week or so ago Myself, Paul Gamache and team pyranha (Dave Fusilli, Jared Seiler and Graham Seiler) decided we should hit Yule Creek of the Crystal drainage, CO. Know as the steepest crik in CO we were all pretty amped for the run.

The trip went well, with us all running demshitz with few incidents. I had one minor hicup after alecting to run first on the big one (oriental massage). As the probe I helped to work out the perfect line for the rest of the boys... as a result my line went a little sour. But good on the boys for all cleaning it once they knew what not to do. thankfully all my hand paddling in the Salida hole payed off, as I was able to hand role at the bottom and handboofed the shit out of the 20ftr directly below.
Fusilli managed to stick a huge loop in his burn at the bottom of Ball Check which was insane!! Wall Check has to be my favourite rapid in CO... I got so high on the wall and was going so fast I almost pooed myself.

All in all the coolest creek in CO

Thanks to Jared and Graham for filming and editing the video... those boys are the sickness

Peace out

L C Simpson


Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, Demshitz are sick. Nice wall ride LS

Ramone Flannagen said...

dat som sic ass shite. badistass thing i have seen in a kayak in a long time is a wall ride....sweet goodnees gracious