Thursday, July 05, 2007

Birthday wishes do come true

So, my birthday falls at the end of June right in the middle of paddling season, its great. While I didn't get do my favorite thing on my b-day (Big South) I did have a great weekend of paddling that started with Cheeseman (look for a post coming soon) on Saturday and a backyard favorite, Joe Wright into Spencers, on Sunday.

Joe Wright into Spencers is a Northern Colorado jem. It all starts on a low volume creek with some sweet boofs to had and tight gorges to navigate.

Here's Pagel styling the line on the opening rapid, Cornholio

Then after the confluence with the Poudre the run totally changes character to a big water pushy run with holes aplenty and still more boofs to be had. The first significant rapid on Spencers is Rocket Launcher. RL looks pretty straight forward but the hole at the bottom has a reputation of dishing out some mean beat downs. Somehow I escaped one this day and we decided it had something to do with it being my b-day.

Me - 2ft to far left and not looking great (side note if you ever see or experience the mega rocker getting vetical watch out as some action is definetly going to go down)

Me - Holdin on, brace for impact

Me - Just about out. the river gods were feeling quite generous this day

After a quick portage around Poudre Falls you can put back on and are greated with a great series of rapids all the way to the take out.
Here's Cate styling the boof at cycletron. So good...

When most people come up to the upper poudre they've got Big South on the brain but don't let this classic go by without tasting the goods.

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