Wednesday, March 01, 2017

You boys like Mexico?

After a busy first two semesters of nurse practitioner school I was ready for a break and luckily my brother and two friends were looking for a reprieve from the drought stricken southeast.  We threw around different ideas but settled on Veracruz, Mexico; Kirk did some pre planning and got us all set up in  sweet cabana at Aventurec in Tlapacoyan.

The choice shuttle rig

Kirk Boofing on the Jalacingo

More Jalacingo 

The logistics couldn't be any easier, the biggest hassle is getting to aventurec (which is pretty easy), once there they shuttle you around to all the great rivers in the area for very reasonable prices.

Hands down my favorite run of the trip "big banana"

Kirk on the 20 footer

We were lucky enough to boat everyday of our trip, which says something when you are traveling to a foreign country, there are so many amazing waterfalls in the area and just stunning scenery

Jim hiking in for more waterfalls

Kirk about to tuck it up

More Kirk

We were able to meet up with Nate and Heather at Aventurec and got to paddle a few days with them but enjoyed chatting around the table at meal times everyday!

The crew on the 7 sisters

Nate with some cool lighting

Jim boofing

One of the great sections we got to do was the seven sisters that starts right below the tomato 2 waterfall and requires as sweet 100+ foot repel

Steve on the 7th sister

Heather on the 6th

Kirk on the 1st

The start of the run is pretty impressive

Although it was pretty low the roadside section was super classic and a great "rest day"

Heather dropping in

Steve blasting through a cool drop

We returned to do the lower jalacingo with Heather and Nate and hike in above twisted pleasure to get two more fun 20-30 ft waterfalls

Nate on the second

Steve on the same
We did the big banana section the most and with good reason, it is truly world class whitewater in an amazing setting

Kirk taking in the falls at the putin

Steve on my one of my favorites, an awesome cross grain boof

Jim on the same

Jim dropping into mordor on the upper canyon

This trip was a great way to break up the winter between ski trips and to refresh me before spring semester started up, and I can't wait to go back.


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