Sunday, November 06, 2011

Summer 2011 Wrap-up Part Duex

In the vein of fun things to do while kayaking, I put forth the Whistler Triple Crown. The WTC includes the Upper Cheakamus, Callaghan, and Soo all within 30min of Whistler, BC and supposedly used to compose a yearly race among locals. All these runs don't push the the boundaries of kayaking like other notables in the area but are generally have an extremely fun to epic ratio*

*Unless you prefer to run them at gnar high levels like many of the locals prefer from time to time.

First up the Upper Cheak - From putin to take out might take you 15-20mins on a roller coaster of haystacks and hole dogging. Beating the shuttle driver happens fairly regularly and earns one a Kokanee, eh.

Some say potatoe some say pototoe

Boofs for breakfast, yeah baby

Round 2 - The Soo and Upper Soo. If levels cooperate you can run the Upper Soo into the Soo but flow are usually too high for most in the Upper Section when the other runs are in their prime. The Upper Soo is a short little box canyon made up of bedrock on one side and railroad blast on the other. Kind of remind me of the glory days in the high desert that is Colorado but that's another story.

Exit drop on stacked series

The runout to the Upper Soo

Following the huckin duckie I thought a pic of Junior would be warranted. Truck like these aren't always necessary in BC but they do help a person acquire road sodas from passengers.

Round 3 - Callaghan Creek. For pure fun there might not be a better class V creek. Lets review, opening drop 8-ft cross current boof ledge, then boogie, 2 drop 15-ft waterfall with slightly tricky leadin, then boogie, 3 drop the most perfect of perfect 20-ft waterfalls to a few miles of class 4 to easy 5 boogie. So so good...

Proper form and position on drop #2

The main event

Nuff said.

So there you have it. If you find yourself in the Whistler zone next summer wanting to have some fun, give the triple crown a try. I'm positive you won't be disappointed.


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