Tuesday, August 02, 2011

4th of july in Feather Country

Its been a bit since our quick trip out to California over 4th of july this year. We had a huge crew of 9 out there for a 3 day weekend. We were originally planing on the royal gorge but flows were still a bit too high, so we settled on starting the trip out on big kimshew creek. We didn't end up getting shuttle figured out and getting up to the putin until noon, we decided with such a big group that we should pack for an overnighter in case we didn't move fast enough. We ended up making great time down the classic run and made it to the takeout about an hour before dark.
The crew hiking down the cali slabs
Getting western
Sean lee firing up big kimshew falls
Ross Herr on big K falls
the 20 footer below the big k falls
Andy Blakslee on frenchies 40

From Big kimshew we decided that we would stay in the Feather area and hit up the devils canyon on the middle feather. I had done this run 4 times before this and ensured the group that we could do it in a day and a half. We put on at 1 or 2 in the afternoon the first day and mad bombing commenced, I only had the group get out and scout one drop the first day. We stopped after about 5 hours of boating at an awesome beach camp about halfway through the run.

Great beach camp

The next day we got up early knowing we had about 5 hours of boating and that a lot of us had flights to catch. We continued our quick pace and only scouted a few times the second day as we made our way through the devils canyon. This run is so amazing, it is 35 miles of class 4-5 boating with only one real portage that gets run at lower water. Due to some work being done on the milshap bridge our shuttle drivers had to take the long way and come in on river left making for a long bumpy shuttle. We raced to the airport and just made our flights home, the whole time thinking of when we could return to feather country.
Sean Lee scouting in the devils canyon

JJ getting pushed around in helicopter

Here are a few videos that Sean put together from the trip:


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