Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Season Recap

Well, its official those little white flakes are falling in most parts of the country that begin the savings account that will lead to next year’s runoff. This means one of few things depending on your persuasion 1. You are bitter about the end of the season in North America and spend your work hours endlessing searching the internet for news and blog reports of all things kayaking, 2. You have embraced the end of the season and have taken up winter activities that involve sliding on snow, 3. You are somewhere in the southern hemisphere (aka Chile) still kayaking and living off of whatever pittance you were able to save from going towards the beer fund. For me, I’m entering door number 2 but wishing, so wishing I could be going through door number 3. But alas this year was good in so many ways here are just a few of my favorites;

1. Multi-day trip on the Selway with a good crew and raft support. Can you say bocchi ball?

2. Grand Canyon of the Elwa. Hiking a kayak and gear for nine miles isn’t easy but earning your boof strokes is rewarding.

3. Many a Robe lap in my backyard. So good…in so many ways.

4. The Whistler Triple Crown. Callaghan, Cheak, and Soo. Waterfall, boofs, and big water mahiem what more could a person ask for.

5. A single day high high water run on the South Salmon that still gives me mile symptoms of PTSD.

6. Birthday run on the Canyon Creek of the Nooksack. It wasn’t Big South caliber but still pretty darn fun. Think NSV Cascade 2 and 3 for miles and then a sweet little bedrock gorge to finish it off.

Peering down into gnarnia. South Salmon at 12+ft

In general this season for me was all about getting back to the basics of having fun on the river with good friends and experiencing quality whitewater. I had some big goals that went unfinished, hello 2011, but in the end that what keeps you hungry I suppose. Here’s to 2010 and an even better 2011. I hope your season was just as good or better yet, you are entering door number 3 in which case it hasn’t even ended…

How many kayaks can you count? Bus eater South Salmon 12+ft


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