Monday, December 01, 2008

Far Northern BC

The author on the first slide. Corey Boux Photo

After our trip down the Grand Canyon of the Stikine, we were able to get on a cool river just outside of Terrace, BC. Take a look on a map and find's out there. And the general feeling you get while paddling some of the local creeks is of isolation. This particular river or "creek", The Khtada River, required a half an hour ferry across the Skeena River and then hike up the creek for roughly 2 hours. This just added to the adventure of being "off the map" yet so close to civilization. Putting in on a high lake, the river takes a fast, low angled plunge down into the Skeena. This creates for a silly time of large slides. Although techniquely easy, letting your guard down will result in a knuckle scraping beatdown. Check the pics!

Ben Hawthorne bouncing off a large rooster tail.
Corey Boux Photo

BH on the main event, a long, long slide w/ big kickers.
Corey Boux Photo


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Anonymous said...

I want nothing more than to get in on trips like this where steep creeks, clean drops, and big play are what it's all about! Going alone to Costa Rica was cool, with dedication and determination, yet getting it pulled together to run the gnar was illusively with friends beyond time and space to be found through kayaking with a video camera in hand and the willingness to make it happen... I want to get in on this kind of trip!