Monday, September 15, 2008

Final World Cup Mission: Thun, Switzerland

Our third and final destination on the World Cup Tour was Thun, Switzerland.  The rain finally stopped, all the kayakers were camped in a tiny parking lot, and the surf wave was on a beautiful river in the middle of an incredible city.  What a terrific way to end the trip!


Trying to join the Swiss Army.  
They didn't let us keep the hats.

The wave here was created by adjusting the gate positions on the weir.  It was pretty amazing how the wave could change from flat to steep and fun in a couple of minutes. 

Nadia, Pringles, and my camp spot!

The lake upstream of the playspot.

jed selby
17th - Thun

dustin urban
5th - Thun
3rd - Overall

michael palmer
10th - Thun
3rd - Overall

My move for the Big Air Competition. 
Unfortunately my teammates fell in before pulling off their entry moves.  And, if you were wondering, swimming with 3 boats tied together is NOT easy.
probably last - Big Air 
12th - Thun
13th - Overall

King of the Wave Practice Session

king of the wave

I think Kebabs might be the Swiss National food.  
Regardless, that is all we could afford to eat during our stay in Switzerland.  A McDonalds value meal was $12.  A small Starbuck's frappucccino was $8.50.  Fortunately, camping in the parking lot was FREE.

Swiss flag lined street in Zurich.

Thanks to the Jackson Crew who drove Nadia and I to Zurich so we could spend our last day in Europe exploring the city's art museums, architecture, and kebab shops! 

Until next time, we kiss you goodbye!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this trip possible!


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