Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Log Jump, Sweet new move

The Log Jump, a new move brought to you by the CKS Squad in Colorado

Location- Colorado River, Glenwood Springs Colorado

The most critical component to the log jump is setup. It is very difficult to do it without a log, obviously. For this you have two options:

1.Get some really strong friends to send down a tree when you’re surfing or

2.Surf the wave all day long during peak runoff to make sure you are there when log comes through

Once the log is heading your way you have two choices, fight or flight. Assessing the log is really important if you don’t want to get worked. If it looks good (no bad branches), get on top of the wave as if you are setting up for a blunt.

Once the log is in the trough of the wave accelerate down the wave with a stroke and push your bow down just like initiating a blunt right before you reach the log.

When you hit the log, lean back pull up your legs and let out a big heeeyaaaa. If all goes well, you should be airborne. If not you may get the wind knocked out of you as the tree crosses your chest, or worse.

Be safe and have fun

Jed Selby
Buena Vista Colorado


Barry Welling said...

Nice. We here in the Midwest tend to boat anything, including our local artificial whitewater park in the summer. The Park send down rafts, and duckies filled with non-kayakers to complicate things. So from experience I'd like to suggest some additional tricks to consider.

1. The duckie jump
2. The Raft Jump
3. the duckie rail slide
4. the duckie steal ( we had this one happen, kayaker surfing the wave, duckie comes down and dips under kayaer due to folks in duckie. Duck comes up under kayaker, and takes him downstream. ps your Kayak paddle will not reach the water if you're in your boat, and on top of a duckie)

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